cat tuesday – kittens

shy & sweet millie - out from under her hiding spot and learning humans aren't so bad
shy & sweet millie – out from under her hiding spot and learning humans aren’t so bad

kitten season is a busy time for shelters, starting in late spring/early summer through the end of fall, the little ones come through the doors and, at times, take over the available space.

their situations, histories, personalities vary and they are more than just a cute and tiny ball of fur.  they will get bigger, they will become an adult and they all hope that their families will take care of them for their entire lives.  i share their hope, each and every adoption i do, i hope beyond everything that their new families love them for more than just the cute factor.

this is millie.  i don’t know much about her life before she came to PAWS, she was found as a stray, thankfully she made it to the shelter.  shy and unsure, she was hiding away from everyone and everything.  i tried a few times through my shift to give her some comfort, i would hold her and she would let out this deep “mrow” that broke my heart, and all i wanted to tell her was that she was safe and it was okay.  at the end of the night, with quiet all around, i reach down and picked her up, holding her close to my chest, i covered her with a blanket so she could feel safe. she let out the “mrow” a few times, and then, I felt purrs, and her sweet eyes looked up at me.

i sat down with her, and after a bit she was comfortable and happy on my lap, her head perched on my arm and then resting in my hand, she was realizing that humans aren’t so bad, and that some snuggling is good for her too.

safe and snuggled
safe and snuggled

millie has the cutest pink nose and the softest fur, she’s adorable and i’m sure someone will fall in love with her very soon.

kittens are cute, they’re adorable, and there are a lot of them.  did you know that a cat can have her first litter of of kittens when she is just 5-6 months old?  please spay and neuter, please.

all companion animals at PAWS are spayed/neutered prior to be being available for adoption.

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