cat tuesday – finding comfort

this week’s cat tuesday brings us back to peyton and how he is providing comfort to a very shy kitty named tabitha.  i remember meeting tabitha for the first time several weeks ago.  she was curled up in the back of her cage, having no desire to elicit attention, affection or have anyone getting too close to her.  with patience and love, i’ve watched her change from one week to the next.  she is one of those cats that my heart hurts for, to see her so scared and wanting to be able to tell her that she is safe now and that everything will be okay, to show her what love is.

enter peyton.

there is something about sweet peyton that brings her comfort.  tabitha oberves him receiving affection and realizes it must not be so bad, moving her body a bit closer to the humans’ hands she begins to enjoy affection.  together, they lie close to one another, grooming and relaxing.

this week, during my cat tuesday shift, i looked in on peyton and tabitha and i saw the two of them like this

peyton and tabitha holding paws
peyton and tabitha holding paws

how sweet to see the comfort they provide to one another.  paw in paw they have found peace in this moment.

these moments, experiences, touch my heart and soul.

there is always hope.

we don’t always know the history of the animals that come through our doors, we don’t know what they’ve been through, how they’ve been treated or mistreated.  but we do know that they all deserve love.

one of my favorite sayings is “be kind – for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle” (plato)

humankind can learn much from these two.  we don’t always know what someone has been through, we can’t change their past but we can affect their present and future.