the truth inside

i have learned, that who a person truly is, is on the inside, it’s in their core, the heart and soul of who they are.

many years ago, i was made to question who i was, the very truth that lies inside of me. someone cast the doubts in my head, they told me i was something other than who i knew myself to be, and over time, their opinion cast shadows over my truth. it has taken a long time for those shadows to fade into the light, and even now, i am not completely free of the damage.

it is for these reasons that my trust is no longer immediate as it once was (in the days of my naivety), but rather, it comes over time.  you see, i want so much to believe that every person has nothing but goodness inside, but in this world we live in, evil exists, and that is the truth.

i will never understand how the mind of someone claiming to be one thing, but inside being something completely different works.  who are they, really? do they care, what do they want, what do they feel, do they feel?

we cannot escape truth, for it is there, inside of us and in front of us. no one can take our truth from us, it is always there.  try as they may to take our truth with their lies, they cannot steal what we hold inside of us.

there is such peace in surrounding myself with truth – where love and care motivate the soul. there are good people in this world, with hearts full of love and compassion.


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