never again.

i go through phases, stages of healing, where, the hurtful things of the past feel so far away that the memories are more from a person i used to know, than me, to times when it feels as though it was yesterday.

and then, i remind myself that these things will never again happen to me.  i won’t allow them.

i have a soft heart.  it’s good for me, but can be affected greatly by those who don’t have regard for others, for animals, for peace, for love, and on and on.

never again will someone make me feel worthless.

never again will someone call me names.

never again will i be made to feel guilty for being me.

never again will i be threatened by the one who promised to love me.

never again will i hurt the way i have been hurt.

never again will i wish myself forever gone than alive in the life i have.

never again.  i won’t allow it.