i just returned from visiting my family.  it’s been over 2 years.

i realize more and more how amazing my family is.  loving, true, devoted, caring, giving.  i’m fortunate, i’m surrounded by their love and have been my entire life.

generations of love have been my example.  my grandparents, funny, loving and devoted to each other, to their families, their eyes light up when they see us, they hug us and kiss us.  my parents, my father is an amazing person, strong, honest and good, he gave me my goofy sense of humor and my love of animals, my mother, 100% a mother always, she is loving and caring, she wants her family to be happy, healthy and wrapped in love.  my family has always encouraged my creative side, never made me feel my sensitive side to be a weakness, gave me an example of what true love, devotion, honesty and commitment is, to be loving all the time, to all people and all things.

i walked barefoot in the grass, sipped coffee in the silence of nature, laughed with my sisters, played with my nieces and nephews.  hugged the generations of our family that have made me who i am.

there are no battles amongst us, above everything, we love one another.

i know i am loved, i feel it, see it, there is no doubt.  it’s healing and soothing for my soul.

it’s always hard to say goodbye.