about the blog

pain – loss – grief – change – move – heal

a journey of finding the inner-strength to choose a new beginning and discovering the power of unconditional love

if my words, my story, my journey can affect the life of another, to provide hope, support, awareness, then i will be forever thankful.  in this world, there is a need to encourage empathy, sympathy, compassion.

my heart is on my sleeve.  it’s always been there, it always will.

about me

sensitivity and perfectionism have been with me for as long as i can remember.  it’s good and bad, i feel more than most, and expect more out of myself than i do others.  my hope was and still is to bring kindness and peace to the lives of others.

when i was 15, i became anorexic, the battle was one that, without the support and love of my family, i’m not sure where, or if, i would be here today.  i owe so much to the renfrew center in philadelphia, pa for all of their help through this battle.  now, some 20+ years later, it’s a struggle, but, i continue to fight and with love and support, my mind and spirit is trying to heal.

married at 21, the person i thought would love me forever, became the person that would verbally and emotionally abuse me time after time.  i remained for 10 years.  it took that long to build the strength i needed, i thought about it so many times, but the fear that shook me to my core, kept me frozen.  until one day, when all the strength i didn’t know i had, was there, and i believe it is there for so many others that just need the hope, support and love to see it.

i now live a quiet life, i work, i volunteer, i hike, camp and enjoy running and photography.  i find peace in knowing that the person i am, just me, is enough and never again will anyone ever make me feel like less than that.

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