the truest of true – friendship

the truest of true know no time or distance, they are forever there. no matter the time, the distance, forever in your heart, you care for them, they care for you and when you see each other, it’s as if no time has passed.

nearly 7 years ago, my world changed. drastically. the life i had known and the people in it were now over 3,000 miles away. my natural ability to trust had been questioned, i was now faced with hoping i could trust and rebuild. the trauma i went through reshaped my trust and, with that, my self-protection kicks in, so when i trust and love you, i do with my whole being, those closest to me are my family and i love them fiercely.

a year ago, my precious seattle family made a huge decision to move to my home coast, moving them nearly 3,000 miles away. i’m not going to lie, it was hard (read: traumatic), many tears were shed (read: sobbed). when you are faced with your truest of true no longer being five minutes away, when those last minute “let’s cook dinner and have an impromptu dance party” are to become memories, it honestly is a loss that one has to mourn.

sometimes we must allow ourselves time to mourn changes in our universe, it can be a period of sadness, but also a period for reflection. during this time, my belief in the truest of true was renewed. i visit, they visit, we laugh, we embrace, the love is forever there, the string connecting our hearts just got a bit longer, stretching the distance, keeping us connected.

through everything, there are those precious few that have stood the test of time and remain with me on this journey of life, i am forever grateful for my truest of trues.  you see, time and distance will do that.  if the truest of true is there, it will always be there.


it takes time

it takes time for the realization to come and it takes even longer to accept it. for me, it was a hint early on, a nudge that i pushed away. i was young, emotionally tender. i did not understand how someone could be such a way. i am not saying that i was ignorant to human nature, i, had just been fortunate to be surrounded by examples of love.

it’s those first times of that “feeling”, the feeling of knowing that something isn’t right. the “feeling” of your heart hurting from cruel words, a raised voice, a look. it’s feeling crazy that you feel that way, it must be you, because you’re told it is.

it takes time, sometimes, longer than anyone would ever think it would take. but these realizations are personal, each person that has gone through something similar, knows this. you can’t put your time-table on someone else. especially in these situations.

when the realization comes back stronger, pulling at your heart, you’ll know, or, maybe, just start to listen to yourself.

if you can find that strength to hear yourself, you’ll feel the power you have within your soul.

i found my power and if you’re reading this because you want to find yours, know that you can, please know that you can.